Electrolux UltraSilencer – Probably the Quietest Vacuum Cleaning Experience Ever


Elevating Sound will celebrate and recommend products that improve our everyday lives by delivering superior sonic benefits. One such amazing, ground-breaking product is the Electrolux UltraSilencer vacuum cleaner. According to Electrolux, it is the quietest vacuum cleaner in the world.

Traditionally, vacuum cleaning is perceived to be an uncomfortable and noisy chore. Electrolux decided to reimagine the vacuum cleaning experience by developing a product that combines powerful suction with the patented sound-absorbing Silent Air Technology. The result is ultra-quiet deep cleaning that won’t disrupt your life.

The UltraSilencer operates at just a 65 dB(A) noise level (according to Electrolux USA; other Electrolux sources state 68 dB(A) – regardless, this noise level provides an extraordinarily relaxing vacuuming experience).

So what does 65/68 dB(A) really mean? The noise level is similar to the sound of a normal speaking voice. And according to lab tests by Electrolux, the UltraSilencer is both sleep- and music-compatible.

One research study found that persons can fall asleep with an UltraSilencer being used nearby. And people can continue sleeping undisturbed while an UltraSilencer is turned on and off just next to them. Download the Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Polysomnography Study as a .pdf here.

Another acoustics research study investigated music-assisted vacuum cleaning and its effects on cleaning performance. Being the most silent vacuum cleaner in the world, the UltraSilencer is so quiet that it makes it feasible to enjoy music, even on a low volume.

The study concluded that music‐assisted vacuuming improves the cleaning experience and results in better cleaning performance than vacuum cleaning without music – and it also leaves a general feeling of happiness.

Different music styles were found to affect cleaning performance in different ways. Various factors were taken into consideration, such as dust pick-up performance, the heartbeat, the number of sweeps with the nozzle etc.

Overall, classical music is the best music style for vacuum cleaning. Hard rock gets the job done faster. Jazz makes people more thorough. Other styles evaluated were electronica/dance, hip hop/RnB, rock and pop. The optimal tempo for vacuum cleaning was found to be 70 beats per minute, while exceeding 130 beats per minute felt uncomfortable. Read the full .pdf report here.

If you’re interested in getting an UltraSilencer, you can buy it from Amazon here:

The Electrolux slogan is ‘Thinking of You’ and the company culture is characterized by a strong emphasis on empathy, on intimately understanding consumer contexts, behavior and needs. This results in the development of solutions that are consumer-centric rather than technology-centric. Elevating Sound hopes to see further exciting household appliances with superior sonic benefits from Electrolux.

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