Houd Passive and the Beauty of Non-Powered Acoustic Speakers


houd passive

Non-powered acoustic speakers have kept evolving both engineering- and design-wise, making them more effective, portable and stylish.

There’s real beauty in the green simplicity of the Houd Passive speaker. Without the need for any cables or power supply, the small, portable wood speaker – designed and hand-crafted in Colombia – lets you amplify the sound coming from the built-in speakers of the iPad or iPhone.

The Houd team explains how it works. “These passive speaker solutions work by channeling the sound from an iPhone or iPad’s built-in speaker through resonant wood channels to create a naturally amplified sound. The passive Houd speaker has been caked in black lacquer that will produce a stereo-like effect. No two speakers are identical as they are made from a natural material that varies in appearance”.

Check out this video about Houd Passive.

Another interesting speaker is the Houd Active, which showcases a sleek, transparent design with its inner wiring visible to the viewer. It is a stylish speaker that lets the existing decor of the room show through.

houd active

The Houd Active is a wooden take on Swedish industrial design shop People People’s Transparent Speaker.

You can buy the Houd products via their website.

Images courtesy of Houd.

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