Korean NOFAN Cooler Silences Our Computers


As computer power has been increasing tremendously, so has the heat generated by the CPU (Central Processor Unit). The development of fan-based computer cooling systems does not seem to have been able to keep up the pace. Hence, there are many of us who have become increasingly burdened by the noise produced by our computers.

A Korean thermo-acoustic engineer named S C Lee spent years on research and design of an effective yet silent cooling solution. He came up with a winner. In 2011, Seoul-based NOFAN Corporation commercially launched the NOFAN Cooler.

The NOFAN Cooler is an amazing noiseless solution that safely cools almost any PC processor up to 100W TDP in absolute silence. It uses a series of radial wickless sealed heatpipes to silently and efficiently transfer heat away from the processor core without needing any forced airflow normally delivered by a fan. So no fan – no noise.

Key product features:

  • No noise due to the lack of cooling fan.
  • Appropriate for silent indoor space due to the lack of dust and vibration.
  • Easy to maintain due to permanent usability.
  • Able to provide optimal system for users wanting silent atmosphere.
  • Does not support CPU with more than capacity of 100W TDP.

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