Quiet Product: The Yamaha DTX400K Silent Electronic Drum Kit



My overly kind non-confrontational grandmother had to put up for a very long time with her neighbor’s intense and achingly loud drumming on a traditional acoustic drum kit.

If you’re looking to invest in a at-home drum kit for yourself or your kid, then the Yamaha DTX400K is an excellent silent electronic drum kit.

It’s an entry-level five-piece compact drum kit that can be listened to through headphones and the noise generated is kept at a minimum through its soft-pad design that dampens the impact of the drumsticks and its innovative KU100 kick unit with superior silent characteristics without sacrificing playability.

The DTX400K comes equipped with 10 professional drum kits “made with world-famous sounds from throughout the history of drums including Yamaha’s legendary acoustic series”.

Image courtesy of Yamaha.

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