Swedish Hi-Fi Store Creates Portable Business Card Speaker


Pause Portable Business Card Speaker

The Stockholm-based Hi-Fi store Pause Ljud & Bild has taken the concept of portable speakers to a whole new level.

They deliver a portable mini-speaker that comes as part of a business card, which can be used when playing music with your smart phone. The in-your-wallet, analog speaker suits perfectly for spur-of-the-moment music listening in the park or at the top of the mountain when taking a break from skiing.

The objective of the speaker card is to create awareness of the Pause offering, covering not only the very high-end Hi-Fi equipment, but also sound equipment on varying price levels. The common thread across their offering is the focus on great-quality sound.

The philosophy of Pause is that good sound saves lives. Good sound has a deeply relaxing effect on humans; regardless of what type of music one is listening to. “If good sound can provide us with harmonious doctors and alert bus drivers, well then it has saved lives”, states Pause.

The idea and concept of the portable business card speaker was created by Swedish advertising agency Åkestam Holst.

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