The Delightful Everyday Sounds That Brighten Up Our Lives

Delightful Everyday Sounds - Fallen Leaves


A lot can be said about the ever-increasing noise pollution in society that has detrimental effects on our health.

But on the upside, we have the wonderful world of everyday sounds that are delightful and brighten up our lives. Enjoyable sounds have a tremendous effect on people’s well-being.

In the same way as you can practice mindfulness, closely observing every action your are doing in the present moment, you can listen actively and absorb each and every sound around you. Discovering, experiencing and exploring the diverse soundscape you are surrounded by.

It’s a great meditative practice to – at various times during the day – spend merely 5-10 minutes, placing your ears at center stage to take in the vibrations around you.

When personally doing this, the sounds that are the most soothing to me naturally stand out, providing me with a moment of delight.

Examples of sounds that I love are…

  • Gentle ocean waves
  • Book pages turning
  • Typing on an old-school/vintage manual typewriter
  • Crackling fire
  • Light summer rain
  • Boiling water
  • Showering
  • Bird singing
  • Walking on fallen leaves

By seeing them in writing, could you vividly imagine and even sense those sounds?

I’m curious – which are some of your favorite everyday sounds?

Photo Credit: Cherice

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