The Most Beautiful Sound in the World


The most beautiful sound in the world

In a recent radio program dedicated to his 90-year-old grandmother, Swedish media personality Fredrik Wikingsson told a story about when she asked him a question about sound.

‘What is the most beautiful sound in the world?’ she asked.

Fredrik started to guess, but he couldn’t figure out what the answer was.

There are so many beautiful sounds in this world, but the one sound that she places on top of all the rest is the sound of a telephone ringing in the home of a lonely person. When that intense silence is broken and the ringing carries the promise of human interaction.

The tale is moving and it reminds us all how important it is to keep creating that sound. How about creating it right now? Pick up the phone and call a relative whose silence you would like to turn into a vibrant and joyful conversation.

And please also leave a comment below: Which is, to you, one of the most beautiful sounds in the world?

Image: Flickr

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