The Quest for Quiet Products – Entering a New Exciting Era of Industrial Design

The Quietness White Space - Growing Movement for Quiet Products


As people are becoming more aware of the drawbacks of noise and the life quality-enhancing characteristics of low-noise gadgets as part of the overall soundscape in society, they are increasingly starting to ask for tech products and gadgets with quiet features.

Quiet Mark, the not-for-profit trading arm of the UK Noise Abatement Society, is talking about a quiet revolution and that we are entering a new era for industrial design.

We at Elevating Sound fully agree and, like Quiet Mark, we aim to celebrate and promote quiet product offerings. The marketplace is still not transparent and helpful enough in terms of guiding consumers to the low-noise alternatives that already exist. The sound/noise level information on product sheets is often scarce and hard-to-interpret – with just an overall dB/decibel number, leaving out unwanted surprises such as very loud beeping noises at the end of the cycle of a low-noise washing machine.

Elevating Sound will be introducing you to numerous low-noise products in a wide range of different categories. If you’d like to recommend a quiet product that you offer or are using, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at

Quiet Cars - An Introductory Guide to a Quieter Ride (eBook and online community)