The Quiet Travel Book Series Uncovers Serene Places Amid the Hustle and Bustle of Paris, London and Amsterdam


Quiet Paris Quiet London Quiet Amsterdam
I love to explore hectic urban areas, but sometimes the hustle and bustle drives me to also look for the more serene and restful gems in these cities. Away from the noise and loud music. The combination of being in a big city and being able to spend time in peaceful surroundings is very appealing to me.

Hence, I was so happy to find out about the Quiet travel book series created by author Siobhan Wall. So far, she has written Quiet Paris, Quiet London and Quiet Amsterdam.

In three wonderful books, Siobhan Wall seeks out hidden, tranquil places that will allow you to escape from the crowds and discover a quieter side of these large cities. Places where you can quietly meet, talk, shop and explore.

You will be delighted by numerous examples of small museums, cafés, eateries, galleries, boutiques, gardens, walks etc.

These books are the perfect companion for people who enjoy serene experiences. And, needless to say, they are great for anyone who has tinnitus and/or hyperacusis, and therefore highly values quiet surroundings.

You can get the books at Amazon below. And please feel free to share your own peaceful gems of Paris, London and Amsterdam in the comment section.

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