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We’re all affected by the ever-present sound and noise that is integral to our everyday life. On the one hand, the beauty of sound and acoustics done well moves and engages us. It enrichens our lives. But when sound is manifested in less attractive and even dangerous ways, noise can have a direct and/or indirect detrimental impact on our lives. Noise is not just a nuisance. It also kills a large number of people every year.

There is a growing global movement that is increasingly engaged by the beauty of sound and the ugliness of noise. These vibrations in the air affect us humans in a wide range of different ways. Some should be embraced and celebrated while others should be condemned and fought against. As a consequence of this movement, we are also seeing a quiet revolution emerging where companies are beginning to address the largely untapped, growing customer need of products that are quiet and more pleasant to use and experience. The immense commercial potential will increasingly make quiet offerings a must-have in many different product categories in order to maintain or take leadership in a given category.

With a passion for the beauty of sound and acoustics, and the importance of ensuring a high quality of sound and reducing invasive unhealthy noise, Elevating Sound is a web portal dedicated to sound. We have set out to inform and educate about progressive sound thinking, leading sound innovations and detrimental issues around noise in society.

Our aim is to share knowledge and insights to promote a world that embraces beautiful and engaging sound, while it rejects low-quality sound and noise that pollutes our lives and negatively affects our health.

Magnus KählerElevating Sound was founded by Magnus Kähler from Sweden. He has had a life-long interest in sound, which was further heightened as he, around 25 years ago, started suffering from tinnitus and hyperacusis. He actively observes and absorbs any sound experience that he encounters in everyday life. He perceives wide-spread lack of knowledge about sound and noise among the very people who are responsible for the sound generated in society. Despite millions and millions of people suffering from different noise-induced ear/hearing conditions, there is also an apparent lack of empathy and understanding for how sound impacts the lives of these people. Hearing damage is treated as a low-status handicap where regulations are often rather protecting the people behind the noise rather than caring for people’s health and developing a society that embraces the value-adding aspects of sound and defies the damaging consequences of noise.

There is a great knowledge and empathy gap that we wish to reduce. Elevating Sound shares insights on the following topics:

Soundscape | Art & Culture, Nature, Urban Soundscape
Sound Gear | Acoustic Solutions, Books, Consumer Electronics, Ear Protection, Family & Kids, Household Appliances
Quiet Cars | Anything that can help you in your quest for a quieter vehicle
Sound Design | Architecture & Acoustic Design, Branding & Marketing, Industrial Design, Music & Entertainment, Soundproofing
Health | Hard of Hearing & Deaf, Noise Pollution, Sound Treatment, Tinnitus & Hyperacusis
Science | The intriguing science around sound

We address questions like:
– What intriguing insights and solutions are there that can improve the soundscape in the environments surrounding us?
– What smart product innovations elevate the experience of sound in a given category?
– How does sound and noise impact our everyday lives and health conditions? In what ways can sound be used to improve our health? And how can unwanted noise ruin our health?
– Sound as a carrier of brand messages is increasing in importance. How can brands apply sound design to create a distinctive and differentiating brand experience for consumers?
– What innovative architectural solutions can be applied to improve the sound experience in physical structures?

We welcome any suggestions on interesting themes and items to write about. If you are working with sound, please let us know about interesting progress made in your field. If you are a company that has launched an interesting product innovation that elevates sound, then please get in touch and tell us more about it. We are happy to receive product samples, but we reserve the right to decide which products to be given a review on the site. The integrity of our content is key.

We are happy to publish guest posts, so please contact us with your idea/s. Of essence is that the content adds value to our readers and that it is written in a pedagogical way that can be understood also by people who are not familiar with the specifics of a given sound field/discipline.

If you wish to reach a progressive, global audience interested in sound, there are various advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Get in touch for more information.

We’re happy you found us and look forward to interacting with you in the comments section. And don’t hesitate to drop us an email to let us know how we can improve.

Welcome to Elevating Sound – Your Sound Guide to a Sound World

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