How to Significantly Reduce Road Noise with Dynamat Noise Dampening Solutions – Case Study: Ford F-150


Reducing Road Noise with Dynamat Noise Dampening Solutions

If you aren’t driving a Lexus LS 600h – the world’s quietest passenger car – you will be happy to know that there is actually something you can do, which has the potential of drastically reducing the cabin noise in your car.

It’s called soundproofing. By applying sound dampening/deadening materials throughout your vehicle, you can end up with a seemingly different ride. It does require a fair bit of manual work though, but the end result will likely be worth it.

Understandably, you may be skeptical as to what can actually be achieved using noise-reducing materials by brands such as Dynamat or HushMat. I have also been hesitantly optimistic based on anecdotal evidence – some of the claims have just seemed too good to be true.

But as I encountered yet another case study – this time by Crutchfield Labs – I am getting increasingly optimistic as to the benefits of soundproofing.

Crutchfield, an American consumer electronics retailing company, had a team set out to answer the question how much of a difference installing Dynamat in a Ford F-150 Pickup Truck could make in terms of reducing the road noise.

Crutchfield Labs drove the Ford Pickup in three real-world scenario driving conditions:

  1. Dirt gravel road
  2. Normal speeds at 25-30 miles per hour around town
  3. Highway speeds at around 65 miles per hour

They used professional sound measurement equipment and recorded the cabin noise level before and after installing Dynamat.

Lots of Dynamat was installed – in the doors, under the hood, on the headliner, the rear doors etc. All in all, the materials weighed around 160 lbs.

They expected to see some noticeable results, but instead the noise reduction far exceeded their expectations, leading to a much quieter ride, making it feel as if it wasn’t even the same truck anymore.

I was blown away by the results. Check this out…

  • At standard driving, the noise level was killed by around 9 decibels (dBA)
  • When driving on a bumpy dirt road, they achieved a staggering 16 decibel (dBA) noise reduction

Reducing Road Noise with Dynamat Noise Dampening Solutions - Normal ConditionReducing Road Noise with Dynamat Noise Dampening Solutions - Dirt Road

The great noise reduction, coupled with minimization of rattles, in turn made the in-car music sound more detailed and present.

Watch the video below for further details of the test.

Elevating Sound would be very interested in hearing about further successful cases of soundproofing. Please, share your experience in the comments below or send us an email.

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  • Eddie Williams

    Have 2013 F150 85-95 db in cab costing down hill in Tennessee at 65 mph two different and distinct noises one on each side of you.Ford Motor Company said the wind noise I was experiencing with my truck was Normal Characteristic.You can’t carry on a conversation in truck with out shouting head ach on short trip, miserable on long unreal? Senior need help

    • Jan

      Have the same problem with my 2014 FX2. Don’t know what to do about it.

  • I need Serenity

    Try a 2nd Gen dodge cummins and see the noise it produces at highway, accelerating, or whenever it is on for that matter.

  • Bikerobert50

    I know that time marches on and so in 2016 we should have much more experience with sound suppression than when this article was written. However, it doesn’t seem to be a priority. It is for me. I remember the heady days of full body on frame construction of the early 60’s, and lament the loss of quiet and smooth ride since the advent of front wheel drive, and all that came with it. So, in my quest to recover the serenity of my youth I believe I’ve found the optimal solution: Hankook Tires. I put them on four vehicles; Ford Taurus, Escort, Escape, and Buick Regal GS, and each vehicle exhibited markedly reduced noise transmitted through the suspension and into the interior.