Volkswagen Reimagines the Design of a Car Factory with the Manufacturing of Its Quietest Car Model, the VW Phaeton


Volkswagen Phaeton Manufacturing

Elevating Sound has previously covered how smooth and quiet of a ride the understated luxury vehicle Volkswagen Phaeton is.

And now I just have to tell you about the incredible manufacturing facilities in which the VW Phaeton is built.

Right at the heart of downtown Dresden in Germany, Volkswagen has built the world’s most intriguing car factory. It’s fully transparent, allowing visitors to observe every step of the manufacturing process.

Walking into the building evokes feelings of being in an art gallery, concert hall or exclusive hotel. And it’s fascinating how the plant has developed such a smart logistical flow that, even though it is located in the heart of a city, there is no unwanted noise pollution from trucks arriving to and leaving the factory. Instead, automotive parts are being transported by rail car, using the same rails as the city’s public transport system.

Prepare to get mesmerized by the video below.

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  • Has anyone reading this already visited the VW Phaeton plant? Please, share your experience. I have yet to go there myself.